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Kaulig Racing Celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day was formed when people started to become conscious of the state of our planet. This year, we celebrate Earth Day amidst a pandemic.

Fortunately, there are several ways we can celebrate Earth Day within CDC and government guidelines while sheltering in place. We hope this day brings you hope and optimism during a time of uncertainty.

Check out how Kaulig Racing Celebrates Earth Day with some activities that are not only beneficial to the planet, but to us as well!

Bruce Schlicker, Crew Chief on the No. 10 Nutrien Ag Solutions Chevy

Fairies are sure to love Bruce and his kids’ Fairy Garden! We hear they bring good luck! Maybe this will carry over to the race track! Along with gardening, Bruce and his daughters have been enjoying being outdoors by fishing!

Props to Bruce for helping create a beautiful Fairy Garden
Fishing with Dad!

Jason Trinchere, Engineer on the No. 11 LeafFilter Gutter Protection Chevy

Horticulture therapy! Jason and his daughter Kaylee have started planting a garden. Gardening has been proven to help cognitive skills and is a great way to help us appreciate nature.

Jason and Kaylee starting their garden

Amanda Leach, Director of Sponsor and Guest Relations

Amanda and her family have spent some time riding bikes in their neighborhood. Not only is this a great form of exercise, but a great mood booster as well!

Amanda, Hayleigh and DJ biking through the neighborhood

Chris Rice, President of Kaulig Racing

Chris has been planting grass at his house. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but planting grass allows for fun recreational activities at home, absorbs dust and other pollution, and absorbs the sun’s heat to reduce temperatures.

Some green grass growing at the Rice residence

Alex Yontz, Crew Chief on the No. 11 LeafFilter Gutter Protection Chevy

Alex and his wife Megan enjoy celebrating nature’s beautiful creation by doing some gardening! Planting some corn means good eatin’ — as long as they are knee high by the Fourth of July!

Sweet corn — yum!

Joseph “Cruz” Gonzalez, Underneath Mechanic on the No. 16 Kaulig Companies Chevy

Catching some rays! Cruz has been enjoying the lake. Relax in the sun, and stress levels will decrease!

Lake days are best days

Troy Phillips, Front-End Mechanic on the No. 10 Nutrien Ag Solutions Chevy

Spending time outside with your kids is free! Troy has been enjoying his time at home with his family and knows the importance of getting outside!

You might be a tad too big for that swing, Troy!

Donald Colewell, Fabricator / Mechanic

Enjoying the outdoors by having a campfire and roasting marshmallows is a great way to celebrate Earth Day with kids – or adults! Donald and his daughter have been doing just that!

We can just smell the marshmallows roasting from here

This is how Kaulig Racing celebrates Earth Day! How do you celebrate?



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