Kaulig Racing to Unveil Salt-Tech® Chassis in Texas

Get ready for some exciting news, NASCAR fans! Blake Koch is set to unveil Kaulig Racing’s brand new invention – the Salt-Tech® chassis – next weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway! The chassis is the first to achieve a measurable weight reduction and will hopefully pass racing’s strict standards. This massive feat was accomplished all because of some great teamwork and dedication. Kaulig Racing, which partnered with a team of researchers, set out to improve the sport of racing after casually tossing around some ideas during the three week stint out West.

The team ultimately decided to replicate a fancy experiment conducted in the Baltic Sea in order to reduce the weight of the body and chassis, while simultaneously strengthening it. But, due to international regulations and temperature issues, it’s being conducted off the coast of Southern California instead. The process involves a whole lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, which, in the end, produces a lighter race car.

In true Kaulig Racing fashion, the bold move paid off. The team made bets that the optimized frame will be approved just in time for implementation for the race on April 8, 2017. Here’s hoping you don’t get salt in your eye as the ultra-light, super-fast number 11 Chevy Camaro zooms on by!

Stay tuned for more information on what could be the biggest breakthrough (or just the saltiest April Fool’s joke) in racing history!