Blake Koch at Atlanta Motor Speedway

***This page contains posts from 2/28***

Update 2/28 3:59

It’s official. Blake finished 22nd. Now it’s time to get loaded up and move onto Vegas.

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless: 1) We blog about it here, 2) It gets turned into The Hangover 4 (let’s pray for that one), or 3) It gets broadcast on Fox Sports 1 (that’ll definitely go down).


Update 2/28 3:56

3 laps to go and Koch is sitting in 22nd. Let’s get a clean finish and get some points.


Leaf Filter Racing Pit CrewUpdate 2/28 3:10

Ever wonder where our pit crew gets their energy and mojo?

We just snapped this shot from the last pit and caught the guys’ energy drinks in the frame.

Keep up the caffeine boys…there’s a lot of racing left.


Blake Interviewing with SiriusXM NASCARUpdate 2/28 3:10

Not quite a “live” update – Here’s a photo of Blake being interviewed after qualifying this AM for the Sirius XM NASCAR Channel.

Tune in weekly before each Xfinity series race to catch up with Blake.


Update 2/28 3:01

Just under the halfway point in the race Blake is running in the 21st spot.


Update 2/28 2:58

While the teams grind it out for position, why not take a minute and try and win yourself the most fashionable hat in all of racing?


LeafFilter Racing Crew Update 2/28 2:45

One of The best crew in NASCAR’s Xfinity series.

Here’s a shot of the team from TriStar Motorsports who keep the LeafFilter Racing #8 Toyota Camry running.

Great job guys! Stay warm out there today Eric, Mick, Nick and Tony. Keep Blake running well.




20150228_140603Update 2/28 2:35 PM

We’ve got a top notch research team here and we can definitively confirm, that was NOT the WWE’s Undertaker singing today’s national anthem.


Update 2/28 2:11 PM

Time for the Hisense 205 green flag. And, if you’re like me you may be wondering what exactly does Hisense do/make/manufacture/fabricate/construct/build (yep, I’ve got my Thesaurus handy today). Fret no more – they make TVs, Air Conditioners and Fridges.

Guess they left on one of those air conditioners on, it’s a cold one in ATL. (Dad joke before the green flag).


Update 2/28 2:05 PM

Fox Sports 1 announcers just made their picks to win. None of them picked Black?!?!? Everyone loves an underdog – bring home the victory Blake.


Update 2/28 2:00 PM

Fox Sports 1 announcers just made their picks to win. None of them picked Black?!?!? Everyone loves an underdog – bring home the victory Blake.

Update 2/28 1:30 PM

30 minutes until race time! It’s a “cold” (some of us northerners would argue the use of that term) 51 degrees at the track with no rain in the forecast. It’s a great day for racing.


Update 2/28 10:30 AM

That’s a wrap for qualifying. Blake Koch will be starting in the 13th row, 25th position. Check back at 1:30 this afternoon for live race day updates!

View the final qualifying results at


Update 2/28 9:30 AM

Wow, these guys are fast. You know what else is fast??? Getting an estimate from LeafFilter (come on, this is NASCAR, you had to expect some product plugs). It takes about 15-30 minutes for our estimators to measure, assess and to give you a quote good for one year. Boom! That’s fast.

Visit or call (800) 290-6106.


Update 2/28/15 9:00 AM

Qualifying is live on Fox Sports 1


Update 2/27 4:45 PM

That’s all for today. Check back on Saturday for more live posts.

Saturday Schedule

  • 9:10 a.m..: NASCAR XFINITY Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, FOX Sports 1
  • 2 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series Hisense 250, FOX Sports 1


Update 2/27 4:45 PM

Blake Koch is currently sitting in the 21st position.
Practice 1 Results
Practice 2 Results


Update 2/27 1:45 PM

Win a Blake Koch autographed hat! Got an eye for detail? Enter our online photo hunt – identify the different items in two photos and you could win. Enter here. 


Update 2/27/15 11:45 AM

We are live. Check back throughout Friday and Saturday for news, updates and live posts from Blake and his team.


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