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Week One of Social Distancing for Chastain: an Adult Purchase, Nurturing an Injured Dog and Family Time

March 21, 2020

Update from Ross Chastain:

“What’s up, everybody Ross Chastain here. Kaulig Racing wanted me to check in. So here I am checking in. I should be down to South Florida – we all should be – practicing my No. 10 Nutrien Ag Solutions Chevy Camaro getting ready for the race today, but we’re not. We’re social distancing – kind of. Copper is here, I’ll update you all on him. He actually got hit Vegas weekend on Sunday of the Cup race when we were out in Vegas. He’s got some issues, but we’re working through it. He is on extreme crate rest, per the doctors, and we have been to quite a few doctors. He’s going to get better. He is resting comfortably here in the kitchen.

My mom actually came up. She came up to help Aubrey and I finish getting in to our new home like my teammate, Justin Haley. He moved into a new house, and so did we. They’re here to clean stuff that I’m not good at. Here is Gizmo. That is Aubrey’s dog. Now our dog. He is in his crate voluntarily, where Copper has to stay in his.  

Also, my aunt Carla came up, so both of the Prevatt sisters are here. They are getting us all cleaned up. Let me find Aubrey – hiding from me and hiding from the camera probably. She’s probably going to be mad at me. So yeah, we are moving in and cleaning – lots of cleaning. This is not a new house, but we like it. We found it, and we closed on it and left for Atlanta. So now we’re here to do the real work and this break gives us the perfect opportunity to get in here and take care of Copper and we’re ready to get back to racing. I am going to run the iRacing race on Sunday. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t race on there that much anymore, but we’ll figure it out.  So y’all tune in! it will be on FS1 and it’s something to do. Enjoy!”



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