Phantom Fireworks

Founded in 1977, Phantom Fireworks, headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, is America’s premier consumer fireworks retailer. Phantom operates over 75 permanent, full-line consumer fireworks showrooms in 17 states, along with over 1,200 temporary sales locations in 18 states. Phantom has built a reputation for quality, value and selection that has set the standard in the consumer fireworks industry. Phantom®, Wolf Pack® and Grucci® brand products are known and appreciated by fireworks enthusiasts from coast to coast.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor® is firmly established as a premium brand of all natural, sustainable, shelf stable seafood. Distribution in almost half of grocery and specialty retail in the United States continues to increase and international distribution grows daily with a firm brand presence in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and U.S. Caribbean. Bar Harbor® uses only sustainable fish and seafood, all natural, non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial preservatives or additives. Use of non-BPA lined containers further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to providing consumers with health conscious, high-quality foods. Visit barharborfoods.com for a full list of products.

Sea Watch

Sea Watch® International is a seafood company based in the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland and has been a major supplier of clams for over 40 years. The company was founded in 1978 in Milford, Delaware. Sea Watch® is proud to be recognized as the largest harvester and processor of clam products in the world. All of our clams are harvested in US fishing waters under US Federal regulations by US flagged vessels. Sea Watch® has taken its place as the leader in the offshore clam industry and positioned itself as one of the top seafood companies in the US. Visit seaclam.com for additional information.

Since 2005, LeafFilter® has revolutionized the gutter protection industry. The company is proud to have grown from one small office in Hudson, Ohio to one of the largest home improvement companies in the nation and a leading choice in gutter systems. Once installed on a homeowner’s existing gutters, LeafFilter® Gutter Protection eliminates gutter cleaning for life. The micro-mesh filter is 50 microns fine – so not even sand can get through. With more than 30 million feet of gutter guards installed on homes across America, LeafFilter® has the knowledge and expertise to guarantee that nothing but water will get into your gutters.

Learn more about LeafFilter Gutter Protection and request a free estimate at www.leaffilter.com.

Kaulig Capital

Kaulig Capital, LLC has been created to ensure that the financial assets and other business interests of Matt Kaulig and his family are managed by professional oversight and experience.  Understanding the complexities and the risks of wealth management, direct real estate investments, accounting/tax issues, law and private equity investments,  Mr. Kaulig started the Firm along with Mr. Tim Clepper, a seasoned wealth management professional.   Now, Mr. Kaulig and Mr. Clepper, President of Kaulig Capital, LLC as well as several other professionals with legal and tax backgrounds manage the Firm.

Mr. Kaulig and Mr. Clepper are successful entrepreneurs and are leading Kaulig Capital, LLC to be innovators and investors in businesses nationwide.  Kaulig Capital, LLC has over twenty years of professional relationships and partnerships that are critical in investment opportunity generation.  These relationships are also paramount to the assistance of various stages of the due diligence process.  An example of this would be its membership in ShareNett which is a private family office sharing network run by Mr. Jim Pallotta of Raptor Holdings Group located in Boston, MA.

Kaulig Capital, LLC prides itself on having a long-term approach to capital management and utilizes a very specific process in identifying and ultimately investing its assets. Visit www.kauligcapital.com for more information.