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Kaulig School of Racing

April 2, 2020

Directions: Solve each word problem. Remember to show your work for full credit.

Question 1: Justin Haley is running 1st at Dover International Speedway with 110 laps to go. Dover International Speedway is a 1-mile race track. He has just enough Sunoco fuel to make it to the checkered flag. The car has 10 gallons of fuel left in the tank. How many miles per gallon is Justin Haley’s LeafFilter Gutter Protection Chevy getting?

Question 2: At the conclusion of final practice at Bristol Motor Speedway, Ross Chastain’s crew is looking over the tire temperatures after his final run. His right front Goodyear tire is 207° Fahrenheit, and his right rear Goodyear tire is 217° Fahrenheit. How many degrees difference are there between the two right side Goodyear tires of Ross Chastain’s Nutrien Ag Solutions Chevy?

Question 3: After the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series season, AJ Allmendinger ran 10 races. He finished 1st six times, 2nd three times, and 4th one time. What was AJ Allmendinger’s average finish in the Kaulig Companies Chevy?

Bonus Question: What is AJ Allmendinger’s cat’s name?



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